DIY Embroidered Patches

Embroidered patches are best used to personalize your garments, whether it may be jeans, shirts or sweaters. You can simply buy patches of this kind, but making your own is much better. Do-It-Yourself embroidered patches are not just limited to square or round shapes. You can custom cut them according to your preference. You can choose from different designs, like simple text, logos or you can even mix the two together. With just some of the basic embroidery skills, you will be surprised that you can make these wonders right at home, with just a few steps to follow.

In making your embroidered patches, you will need the following materials:

•Tracing Paper

•Colored pencils

•Embroidery threads




•Fabric for the patch

•Chosen patch design

The following instructions are as follows:

embroidered patches1.Sketch your chosen design on your tracing paper. Once done, trace the design on your patch fabric. Highlight the areas in your design that needs to be accentuated using your colored pencils. Color the areas according to what is in the design.

2.To start, insert your embroidery thread into the needle’s eye. Tie a knot at the end of the thread, and then pull the needle from the backside of the fabric to hide the knot.

3.Start first with the color that has smaller area coverage. Make sure to embroider everything in that color before proceeding to the next to save time.

4.The stitches used in embroidered patches are patterned like the letter X, where you pull the needle through the fabric, creating your first point. Then it goes down, which is your point two. Then from the backside, it will resurface again as your point three, then goes down again as your point four then back to the true side of your fabric, which is point five. Continue doing this pattern until you covered all the areas of the same color.

5.In securing the thread, pull the thread through the fabric to the backside of your patch. Pull your needle into your stitch loops to secure a knot. Once done, cut the excess thread with scissors. You can now begin embroidering an area of another color following the same procedures as mentioned above.

6.Take note that before starting with the larger areas; make sure that all the smaller parts and the line patterns have been embroidered first.

7.After all the areas have been covered, the embroidery of the borders and detailing are done last. The detailing includes the outline of your picture or a word in your patch.

8.Trim the edges of your fabric according to your preferred size.

9.Hem the edges of your patch by folding the fabric edge, the overlaps being on the back side. Secure the folds with pins and start sewing the edges, removing the pins as it is sewn. Your embroidered patch is now ready to use.

It’s no wonder that embroidered patches have set another trend in fashion because of their unique take on style. With limitless designs to choose from, you can create a lot of patches that will suit just about any type of clothing. You can use these to jazz up an old outfit, and make it a hot trend. Since they can be made from scratch, no technical skills are needed, just a creative mind. This goes to show that you can create your patches out of simple materials that can be found at home. Made from original ideas and with effort, your embroidered patches will surely stand out and come to life.

Why Custom Lapel Pins Are Better Than Ready-Made Ones

Pins that can be worn on your clothes and on your other possessions like bags, ID laces and such are becoming popular. They can be for a variety of purposes and there are already a large number of shops that offer a wide range of design choices that are available for order. But since these things became popular and you can see generic design being worn almost everywhere, custom lapel pins are now getting their fair share of attention. There are many reasons for choosing to have your pins customized rather than choosing from a shops ready-made line. But before going through that, here’s a run through for the uses and purposes found for these trendy little things:

•As a fashion statement

These small things come in many colors and designs whether they are custom or ready-made. They can be worn with almost anything with just a little fashion sense at work. They are also conveniently removable because they are pins after all. So you can wear a different one with the same dress a turn after.

•As gift items or giveaway favors

Since they can be made in almost any design whether funny, memorable, elegant or fashionable, these pins are perfect party favors and gift items. They would even become more special if you have custom lapel pins made.

•As a token of membership or identification

The can be designed with logos, names, labels and other icons that can conveniently identify your team, group, club, or company. You can even design one to become a signature label of your group of friends.

•As a reward or award for a recognition or accomplishment

custom lapel pinsBeing malleable enough to have them personalized or customized to suit the occasion, these pins are perfect for marking up that achievement or award. Motivate your peers by giving them achievement pins for a job well done.

So there you now have an idea on where and on who you can place these pins, now you think, what could be better, purchase those ready-made ones available in a myriad of designs, styles and colors or order some of those custom originals? Shops that sell these pins already have large galleries of available designs that they have on stock. If you have fancied one of them or if a particular design they have strikes right up the purpose you have for them, then you can do so. But you have to know that custom lapel pins are so much better than those ones up in the galleries. Those pins are for collectors or those who have not given thought on what they really want. If your idea-bank is tingling with the possibilities up with the custom pins, here are more reasons to go with that instinct than playing safe with the generic pins:

1.You can have them made right out of your fancy.

You have a choice of making your own design, where you can go however you want upon sensible levels, of course. Or you can list up requirements, qualities, characteristics and ideas for the pin-maker to create you an original design out of. Either way you will have a unique pin that won’t be like any made before, anywhere.

2.They will be made from materials you choose, the way you want them made, exactly.

As custom-made pins are created from details given by the client, you can be as specific as you want in having the pins manufactured. They can be made from the seashells you collected on your honeymoon or from that button you popped on your first day of school, for all they care!

3.They are priced not too different from the ready-made ones.

Of course, there is a little bump up if you compare the prices of the ready-made ones to the custom pins. But as there is not too much gap in the first place, would you rather have a cheap generic pin or a pin not priced too far from that but is made according to your wishes?

4.You can mix and match bits from other designs.

Custom made designs is a great option if you found bits and pieces of design features from a gallery’s choices that you wanted to combine together in a single design.

5.Custom-made pins are awesome, admit it!

So by now, your brain should be ready to burst with ideas you have for your custom lapel pins. So get that piece of paper, find the best shop to your standards and start designing!

On Alternative and Smoking Cessation Efforts

Since cigarettes were proven to be harmful to health, people have been scampering to find an alternative or a way to ease out the process of quitting smoking. It has so far proved difficult. Up until now, there are still no proven products that may help in smoking cessation or as alternatives. For a short time, e-cigarettes have been posed as such. However, these are still up for debate as researches are still ongoing.

24/7’s e-cigarettes are by no means intended as a smoking cessation product, although it can be viewed as a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes. E-cigarettes still do have nicotine, however they come in the form of e-liquid which is vaporized rather than burned.

E liquid produced by 24/7 does have nicotine as well as propylene glycol and vegetable glycerol. Nicotine is notorious for being the cause of addiction to cigarettes, and for a long time it has been thought to be the cause of lung diseases. It, however, is not. There have been recent studies proving that the primary causes of lung diseases were the carcinogens and other known and unknown chemicals produced by burning tobacco.

Propylene glycol is popular as an ingredient of anti-freeze but it is not toxic in its pharmaceutical grade which is required by the FDA. Vegetable glycerine is a harmless organic solution. Both chemicals are used as ingredients in cosmetics and some food. As ingredients of e-liquid, they are responsible for the vapour and sensations in the throat similar to those caused by smoking.

How is e-cigarette a better substitute?

e liquidSecond-hand smoke is a major problem of tobacco smoking. Smoking in public has been banned due to its effects on receivers who are often innocent non-smokers. Second-hand smoke is, in fact, even more dangerous than smoking tobacco directly. The two types of second-hand smoke, side stream smoke and mainstream smoke are both dangerous. Side stream smoke, the smoke from the lighted cigarette, has higher concentration of small particulates of toxic chemicals that go directly to the lungs. Mainstream smoke, the smoke exhaled by the smoker, is of course, no better. Thus, second-hand smoke has been a dilemma for both smokers and non-smokers.

E-cigarettes do not produce both side stream and mainstream smoke. It doesn’t produce smoke at all. E-cigarettes operate through electricity and thus, no chemical is burned in the process. What happens in e-cigarettes instead is vaporization. E-liquid used in e-cigarettes that has alternative chemicals—propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine—is heated until it vaporizes. The vapour is what is puffed by users. It appears like smoke but it is harmless and disappears in just a few seconds.

There is no proof, however, that e-cigarettes can indeed be used for smoking cessation. Since e-liquid contains far lesser amounts of nicotine than tobacco, it has been thought by users to help avoid the side effects of the sudden absence of nicotine in the body. This has been met with scepticism but a study has found that e-cigarettes may really help in smoking cessation efforts.

E-cigarettes take longer to deliver nicotine to the bloodstream; thus users get less nicotine with every puff compared to traditional tobacco smoking which delivers nicotine faster. The speed with which nicotine is delivered has been found to have an effect on the cravings of smokers. The slow delivery and absorption into the blood stream lessens smokers’ cravings for nicotine. So, even though it is not yet proven, it is still helpful for smokers who wish to quit smoking.

While e-cigarettes have been discovered to have such positive benefits, the success of smoking cessation efforts will always lie on the person’s discipline.

How SEO Services Can Change Traffic For Your Site

Traffic is a big deal. Whether you think of it in terms of commuting to work, or you are talking about it in terms of marketing, you will need to come to grips with the defining line of life that is traffic. There are a lot of connotations to it, but the biggest thing that you’ll have to deal with when it comes to this world is the fact that you can end up losing sight of the bigger picture. If you don’t hire any SEO services for your website, you can get lost. It’s difficult to think about this at first glance, but it’s definitely something that is worth noting. You will want to look into the world of search engine optimization to help you with defining the world of hits, and more.

seoIt’s difficult to get on the same page with every internet marketing solution that abounds today. You will find that a lot of them aren’t going to placate your energies, and you could definitely butt heads with a lot of them. Too many people hire a professional service that is meant to help them with the traffic generation issues, and end up having to deal with a variety of problems as a result. If you find yourself dealing with a problem in this area, rethink your goals. There are many ways that you can rethink this, and it’s very important overall.

Defining Traffic

Right now, when you speak to SEO services and you tell them that you want traffic generation, you are going to get several responses. Some of them are going to paint an interesting picture, and some are going to completely become myopic in view. If you aren’t sure what the different branches of this element are, consider the following quick rundown of the definitions you may run into.

• PPC Advertising – PPC advertising allows you to receive unique hits via the purchase of keyword advertising and text based solutions within search engines and their networked websites.

• Banner Advertising – Hits come with this fast, or they can be slowed to a crawl. Banner ads are still alive and well, but the marginal traffic you get doesn’t always add up.

• Social Media – Social media traffic is a combination of sponsored listings, and PPC options. It costs money, but it can drive a lot of hits to your website.

• Traffic Generators – Putting your URL in one of these software choices or sites will cause your site to get a lot of hits, but they won’t be unique.

• Unique/Organic Hits – This is the result of search engine optimization and will have you pulling traffic from people doing searches online. This is in direct relationship with what SEO services do for you in the long term.

As you can see, there are short term options that here are long term solutions that you can work with. It’s best to work with long term options, as they will manifest the best results overall. It may not take a few days, but rather weeks to move forward, but it will be worth it. If you hire companies that know what they are doing, they will work with your site’s natural keyword placements and build them to a stronger basis to gain leverage on organic, unique hits that actually work.

Building A Stronger Reference Database

In order to gain any sort of attention online, you absolutely need to work within the world of backlink generation. A good company will not only be able to do this, they’ll do it with an urgency that will give you a lot of traffic over time. The higher the authority ranking of your site, the more backlinks you can have that will definitely give you a better overall reach. When your page gets recommendations in the form of backlinks for high yielding traffic websites, you will get a stronger solution moving forward in regards to SEO. Not only will you see organic traffic rise, you will see a huge difference between this and other solutions that you may have tried in the past.

The stronger your site’s references, the stronger the placement will be within search engine results. Imagine going to the #1 spot within any search engine and staying there for months or even years. The more you are isolated as the premier site in your industry, the better your ranking scores, domain authority, and traffic will rise. This is directly connected to conversions and could very well prove to be the best thing that SEO services can do for you.

Hiring The Right Service Today

At the end of the day, you could try to trump what professional grade firms do. However, the average person will not be able to match the prowess of an experienced solution. You’ll find this hard to believe, especially with so many bloggers and website owners saying that they are doing so well. However, what they aren’t telling you is that they spent a lot of time and effort with errors, failure, and seeing abysmal results. If you want to go that route, where you are going through failure, after failure, then you can do that. But it’s best to hire someone that will know what to do, implement the option, and get you ahead of the competition faster than the DIY methodology.

What is the Difference between a Criminal and a Civil Case?

Civil cases are usually those that involve private conflicts between individuals and organizations. And the criminal cases are those that are considered affective to the entirety of society. What are the key differences between the two?

In a civil case, the claimant, called the plaintiff, will file a charge against the defendant because of their failure to carry out a legal responsibility. This is usually the case for violated contracts and such. The court will then order the defendant to fulfill their end of the contract or compensate the plaintiff for the harm done. Sometimes both orders can be given by the court.

In a criminal case is where an individual is accused of a crime. The indictment or information is the formal accusation filed against the defendant. For these, criminal attorney Salt Lake City representatives can either be consulted or employed to handle the defendant’s case during the entire proceeding.

For criminal cases, there are quite a few types of defenses that a criminal attorney Salt Lake City practitioner can take.

• Insanity Defense

lawThis type of defense, though made popular by the mass media, is not commonly used and the chance of it being successful is very slim. This defense argues that the defendant is not in control of their mental faculties at the time when they committed the supposed crime. This simply means that the defendant didn’t know at the time that what they did was wrong. But since in this defense, where there is no question whether that crime did happen, it becomes risky when the jury rejected the insanity plea.

• Affirmative Criminal Defense

This is the type of defense that instead of trying to shoot down every argument that the prosecution says, it accepts some of their evidences. It is given though that the defendant together with their criminal attorney Salt Lake City representative should be able to provide evidences to support their defense as well.

• Abandonment and Withdrawal

This is also called the renunciation. The defendant and their attorney must be able to prove that the accused did intend to commit or be an accomplice to a crime but abandoned or withdrawn from their involvement.

• Coercion and Duress

This defense is an affirmative type where the defendant states that they are made to commit the crime through the use or threat of unlawful force.

• Other Defenses for Criminal Cases

There are other defenses that criminal attorney Salt Lake City practitioner can advise the defendant to invoke. This would include one or a combination of the following:

o Consent: this is where the defendant claims that the victim consented to some of the acts involved in the crime.

o Self Defense: where the defendant was forced to commit criminal actions to protect their person.

o Statute of Limitations: is when the defense states that the time allotted for the prosecution to file charges has passed and have to be dropped.

o Intoxication: this can usually be used to be able to negate an element or factor of the crime.

Collecting Baseball Trading Pins

Trading pins are available in different models and sizes. But, the most popular are the baseball trading pins. These pins are also available in different models and sizes with or without characters on them. You can show your passion for baseball by collecting and wearing these pins. Aside from baseball pins there are lots of sports that have custom pins. These pins are very attractive and some use these pins to show support to their sports heroes. But the most popular and most watched sport worldwide is baseball.

Baseball Trading PinsCollecting baseball trading pins is a great way for making friends with those who have the same passion. You can exchange some new pins with old pins and the most wanted pins with other pins to those who have been collecting these pins for many years. With collecting trading pins you can meet different types of people and you can learn a lot from them.

The Start of Trading Pins

Pins that were created many years back actually cost a lot as compared to the pins manufactured recently. These pins are collectors items and are made of expensive metals. The price of these collectors items may range from $0.5 to $100 depending on how old it is and what it is made of.

At present, these pins are available in different designs, colors and sizes. They are made of less costly materials and you can easily find them on the regular market and online. As a collector, you should know how much the pin will cost and which types of pins have value and which are not.

You don’t have to be rich to be a baseball trading pin collector. However, if you are among those individuals who are into collecting antique trading pins, then you need a lot of money to get those pins.

Trading Your Baseball Pins

Baseball fanatics love to collect baseball pins. In every baseball season, fans collect memorabilia such as autographed baseballs, ticket stubs, and others. But, the most popular item that most baseball fans collect is the baseball trading pins. These pins were traded by players and coaches, and these days it looks like that every little league team have their own custom pin produced. It only means that there are lots of baseball pins to collect and trade.

These pins are available in different styles, with different descriptive terms. Bobble heads, blinkers, danglers, spinners and others are some of the terms that you will find printed on these pins. You get confused with these terms if you are not a pin trader or collector.

Danglers are pins with smaller pin attached to it with jump rings so that the smaller pin dangles beneath the bigger pin. Sliders are designed by forming the bigger pin with a hole or slot and the smaller pin is fixed through the slot so it will slide across the front of the bigger pin.

Bobble head pins are two pins apart. The larger pin is designed as the body of a baseball player and the smaller part of the pin serve as the player’s head and is connected to the bigger pin with a spring so it will bobbles. The spinners are made by connecting small pin through a hole in the bigger pin so that the smaller one can spin around. Blinkers are just what the name suggests, they have built in light that blinks or flashes.

These pins are available in different colors and designs and usually highlight the name of the team. Some pins have glow in the dark features. These baseball trading pins are affordable collector’s item and you can purchase a special collector bag to store and protect your pins.

What is Multilayer PCB Fabrication?

Printed circuit boards, or PCBs, are boardsimprinted with circuit patterns used in particular electronic functions. They are usually made from fiberglass or phenolic materials that are coated with copper and etched to produce the design. PCBs are used to run almost all electrical and electronic devices made by man.

The boards can be single-coated or double-coated on both sides with copper. They can also be made with a number of layers placed on top of one another. This type is called multi-layer PCB fabrication. A multilayer configuration is effective on more intricate circuit designs that are used in modern computers and other special equipment.

Multilayer PCB fabrication can accommodate as much as 14 layers of uniquely designed circuits. But the most commonly used number of layersare only from 6 to 8 due to cost. Each of these layers is set up withpreprogrammedlinks with each other.

Several methods are used in multi-layer PCB fabrication and some are more difficult to implement because of the many chemical processes involved. These are needed to properly connect the different conductor and insulator layers to one another.

f-5The basic process of multilayer fabrication is like this:

• Making the necessary circuit designs of each plate or layer by using a computer-aided design (CAD) software and printing it on a photoresist paper.

• Configuring each individually designed copper-coated plates so that each is revealed or recognized distinctly. This method is also called patterning and can be done in so many ways.

• Creating lead holes or vias that help in interconnecting all the layers. This should be done carefully with the right tools as electronic components are highly sensitive. The holes are then copper-coated as well to create through-holes where the electronic parts are going to be placed or inserted.

• Systematically washing, scrubbing, and drying all the boards or plates before connection. This ensures that no residual copper or fiberglass material is loose on a plate.

• Electroplating the plates with copper to ensure proper electrical connection. Whole walls are formed when all the boards stacked on top of one another. These whole walls are electroplated with an average of 25 microns of copper that ensures excellent conductivity.

• Bonding the boards by laminating them altogether. This is done by subjecting the clamped boards in high temperature and pressure then gradually cooled.

By following this basic procedure of multi-layer PCB fabrication, many of the chemical process can be taken away which results in a simpler work flow.

Multi-layer PCBs are most effective to use in today’s modern electronic devices such as cell phones, smartphones, tablets, and laptops. There are so many advantages to this kind of PCB configuration including:

• The capacity to house a high density of parts which makes it performs more demanding tasks.

• The ability to produce a more compact design which is in step with the latest trends in technology.

• Better quality and durability than single-sided and double-sided configurations because of the processes involved in fabrication.

• Has a faster circuit speed than single-sided and double-sided configurations because of the many signal intersections.

• Convenience in laminating and protecting plenty of electrical pieces at the same time.

• Eliminating the presence of wires when interconnecting two or more single-sided or double-sided PCBs together.

• Greatly reduces signal noise and distortion in devices where it is important such as radios and telephones.

However, some of the drawbacks of using a multi-layer PCB configuration are it is more costly to produce, and even pricier to repair if in case it breaks down. It also has a longer manufacturing period and requires stricter and more meticulous testing methods to ensure quality.

Four reasons why you should buy a safe

You can never be too safe “no pun intended” when protecting your valuables. Nowadays, it is important to keep your important belongings in a safe place where no one else can get them. If you’re practical enough, then it’s time to invest in safes.

What are safes? These TL-15 safesare storages with extra-durable locks to keep away from prying hands. Some safes are not only burglar-proof, but also weatherproof and give protection against natural hazards. An example of safes is TL-15 safes; they provide 15-minute protection against tools used by burglars when attempting to open it. That time is enough to call the police or trigger your burglar alarm. Check out the reasons why you should invest in a safe now.

1. It is important to protect your precious belongings from break-ins. Every year, countless crimes are reported to the police for both commercial and home break-ins. Despite the thoughts of people that only big houses get robbed, statistics prove that more thieves pursue less-secured homes because they are easier to break-in. Avoid the hassle of having to lose your valuables by investing in TL-15 safes to protect them against prying hands. These safes can hold your gun, jewelries and even extra cash.

2. You should keep your investments safe. Many people have decided that buying physical gold and silver is a good way to invest. There are also investments wherein the investors only get a piece of documentation to prove that they own stocks. Now, where do they keep all these investments? According to experts, it is better to keep those investments safely at home rather than putting them in the bank; this is because banks usually have time deposits. If you keep your precious metals and documents at home, you can get them any time and there is no worry that you will lose them. It is important to invest in weatherproof TL-15 safes for these kinds of investments. Keep them in the safe so that you can protect them from fire, water, molds and mildew.

3. Criminals are getting smarter every day. Technology has provided ways for criminals to get sneakier and better in doing their job. Now that internet is accessible everywhere, they can just click on YouTube and look for ways to open safes and house doors easily. Due to the increasing unemployment rate, some people have resorted to evil means to gain money. Protect your assets by investing in heavy and high quality safes to make sure that no one else can get them. The high-end TL-15 safes now have multiple relockers to stump those criminals. Relockers are activated once the main lock of the safe is destroyed. Only very few experts can really get pass these relockers, and it would take them plenty of time to open the safe.

4. Nowadays, even service providers get sneaky on their jobs. It’s hard to trust anyone in the present time. Some of these workers have succumbed to other means of finding a living because of their low wages. If you call a cable operator, electrician or plumber, it’s hard to trust them right away and no one really has the time to monitor them the whole day. To be on the safe side, invest in big TL-15 safes to put all your valuables inside it.

Be smart when you want to protect your belongings. Invest in high quality safes to make sure that your things are safe against burglars, fire, and other natural hazards. No one really wants to regret their decision to be thrifty when danger comes creeping into their houses. Be smart and know the right thing to do.

Author Bio:

Vault And Safe is the #1 source for high quality safes and vaults to protect your valuables. Free Shipping on all safes including home safes, gun safes, drop safes, depository safes, combination safes, TL-15 safes security & fireproof safe to home or office nationwide.

Listening to Your Employees

Who says that engagement is just for couples? Now that business industries face heavy competition, companies will have to be ready to respond to new challenges and new problems that should be resolved instantly.The requirement of having advanced skilled employees should not be the only solution. The employees should be engaged with their work too in order work productively. Work engagement involves the passion, the need, and the attachment of employees to their work. That is where employee engagement survey comes in.

employee engagementBusiness leaders are now becoming very concerned about how to give their employees, customers, and official members of the organization their different needs in a fair, balanced measure. Many organizations find success through identifying their SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats) which enable them to use every circumstances, and turn their weaknesses a positive blessing to their business. Some focus into product development, push their employees to sell more through large incentives, and some other strategies to boost sales. Only few of the business establishments look into the very heart of their employees’ performance. Few leaders who chose to use the employee engagement survey got the highest positive results in making the organization run productively and efficiently because they chose to look at the worker’s side, and not only in their pockets.

How can an employer measure the attachment of an employee to his/her work? Should there be a factor to attain passion and attachment to a job? Should an employee be happy with their work to determine engagement? The answer is a big NO. If you look at how happy an employee to his/her job alone, you are looking at the wrong factor. Work satisfaction is not the same as work engagement that seems be the same, but do not be confused. Work satisfaction is measured through scaling of how happy and satisfied an employee is in return to how an employee works, while work engagement is measured through employee engagement survey.

An employee engagement survey is one of the best means to identify the areas where an employee needs improvement and how the company can plan different ways to develop talents.

The process of the survey can be through self-behavioral evaluation or through colleague behavioral evaluation, where an employee evaluates the behavior of his other workmates. Employees learn what they really want to do and what department of the organization they can be more effective. The survey, with the correct questions, will make an employee fully realize how they work. They will independently evaluate themselves how effective they are, what factors affect their quality of work, and what level of attachment they have with their work.

Although it is now very challenging to search for an employee with real attachment to what they do, it is still not hard to point out who works with heart and only works for money. Moreover, employees who start to work for money develops a relationship with their work. They start feeling the need to perform their tasks and recognize how important their job really is.

It is also critical to let the employees evaluate themselves on how engaged they are with their work. Some may evaluate themselves too high, or too low, depending on the employee’s judgment and perception of himself, hence a need to create the employee engagement survey with the correct questions.

Overall, it is indeed necessary to find out what the employees think about themselves, their job, and the company they work for. Shareholders give life to the financial investments; customers give life to the business; and employees can make or break an organization. They define what kind of organization you have. They serve both shareholders and customers, that without their efficient passion and work engagement, an organization is just a structure without a life.

Three words Commit, Engage, Excel capture the essence of employee engagement survey and intent of every engagement and talent management.

Affordable Nike Products at Rockbottomgolf

Nike is still one of the leading brands for sports. In golf, it’s no different. offers some of the most affordable Nike golf equipment you can find. The website is known for having the cheapest gears for all your needs in this kind of sport.


Nike Durasport Golf Shoes

Once again, Nike has produced high quality shoes for sports lovers, and they definitely didn’t leave out the golfers. Nike Durasport provides durability, comfort and style. These shoes were made to traverse the field in any weather.

Nike Durasport is water-resistant to keep it intact in wet terrain. It’s made out of Nike’s top-of-the-line material of rubber and leather. And offers this series at an insanely low price!

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Complete your Golf equipmentgolf equipment with Nike Air Academy Golf Shoes. This line of Nike golf shoes provides long-lasting and water resistant footwear for your golf games. Made out of full-grain leather, this pair of golf shoes will keep your feet water free when the weather starts to rain. has the cheapest price for this line of Nike golf shoes.

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Nike 2013 Heritage Golf Shoes

If you’re looking for sporty but stylish golf shoes for your game, the Nike Heritage Golf Shoes is definitely for you. The full-length phylon mid-sole and soft synthetic leather, which are all part of the Nike Power Platform technology, give this series its unique touch.

The Nike Heritage is part of the brand’s premier golf equipment, providing style and substance for the customers. You can wear these anywhere you like, whether on or off the course! offers this premium model at an affordable cost.

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Nike Golf Xtreme Sports IV Stand Bag

Every golfer will need a stand bag for their golf equipment. The Nike Golf Xtreme Sports IV provides the spacious and easy-to-carry bag that will suit your golfing needs.

The stand bag is developed in such a way that it will be both sturdy and light. It consists of 3 full length dividers and 9 functional pockets (zippered) with a water resistant fleece pocket, an apparel pocket, and a scorecard pocket. The bag also has a rain hood to keep it protected during bad weathers.

Nike Golf Xtreme Sports IV delivers the in terms of efficiency and style. This stand bag will assist you with its club spaces and storage.

This premium stand bag is very affordable at!

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Nike Performance Hybrid Stand Bag

This stand bag gives you 9 functional pockets which include insulated cooler pockets, water resistant fleece-lined pockets, apparel storage and more. It also has a 14-way top divider system which gives you lots of space for your putters.

Nike Performance Hybrid is a premier stand bag that offers golfers functionality at its finest.

Price: $229

Golf Clubs:

Nike Golf – VRS Covert Hybrid

If you’re looking for a strong swing, Nike Golf – VRS Covert Hybrid is for you. This club offers high velocity and strength once swung. It’s developed to give more ball-flight due to its high-speed speed back design. It also has the NexCor Face technology to make your shots longer and straighter.

Price: 89.99

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